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Many great things have happened recently; I defended my Ph.D in computer science, I became a father, and I started working as a consultant at Netcompany.
Because my circomstances have changed I have much less time for my hobby software projects. Therefore I have found it necessary to reexamine my projects and enforce a strict priotization.
The result is that I will use the time I do have to develob my regular expression library Rcp to support longest-leftmost disambiguation, improve the algorithm used in my parser library DynParser, and this will enable my planned improvements to the apims language. After this I will extend apims to support compilation to c++ in addition to the (slow) interpretation.
Unfortunately I find no time to maintain two of my older projects; SdlWidgets and Ucom. It has been fun developing them, and I would have found it more satisfying to continue development until they had reached a more stable state, but the time simply is not there. I have thus marked them as unmaintained. If someone finds them worthy of their interest, they are welcome to take over development, as they are released under GPL v. 3 or later.

So much for now, I have described my development goals and project priorizaton - follow their development on GitHub.

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