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A screenshot of the newest version of Ucom which uses SdlWidgets
A screenshot of the newest version of Ucom which uses SdlWidgets
The name Ucom
The name Ucom

Sad news. I have to mark this project as unmaintained because I have not found time to develop this project for a while now, and I do not see how I would get the time to maintain this project in the forseeable future.

Ucom is a communication program that uses SdlWidgets for the graphics.
The name may sound like a Japanese attempt to create a pornographic version of Youtube, but this is not the intension.

The U in Ucom should be read as a union. Ucom is an attempt to write a project that unites as many forms of communication as possible, and enable as many people as possible to use them over the internet.
The idea is to create a framework for the message sending and receiving, and make it easy to write plugins such as shared whiteboards, games and so on using that framework, and thereby enabeling as many forms of communication as people wish to implement.
The project still has a long way to go, but I am currently working towords version 0.5 where it should compile on Linux, OS X and Windows.



  • Ucom supports the following webcam APIs
    • V4L
    • V4L2
  • Ucom supports the following protocols
    • Direct Connection (Ucom specific protocol. Does not work in nat'ed networks.)
    • Jabber (still in debugging phase)
  • Plugins that can be enabeled dynamically (In Linux)
    • Text messages
    • Webcam (Does not work with Jabber yet)
    • Whiteboard


  • Now that DynParser has been developed the following releases will have support for configuration files.
  • Version 1.0.5: More plugins such as a PortAudio plugin for audio chat.
  • Version 1.0.6: More eyecandy using a newer version of SdlWidgets.
  • Version 2.0.0: Porting the main application to Windows, such that it works for Linux, OSX and Windows.

Versions / Download


  • SdlWidgets
  • GLOOX In Ubuntu this is installed by the packages libgloox5 and libgloox-dev.
  • SDL_net In Ubuntu this is installed by the packages libsdl-net1.2 and libsdl-net1.2-dev.
  • GLib development files. In Ubuntu this is installed by the package libglib2.0-dev.
In OSX the GLOOX version in Port is too old, and I have no plans of supporting the old API.
In stead use the version from the Gloox Homepage.
It is necessary to make a small change in the code in order to make it compile in OSX.
You can use this package where I have made the modification.

Installation Instructions

First install the requirements, download and unpack the project.

Then type:
make config to create the Makefile.
make build to compile the project.
sudo make install to install the project.

If the compilation succeeded ou can now start the program by typing

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