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Regular Expression Compression Parser is a library offering many different parsing algorithms. The library also offers Regular Expression based string compression.

Regular expressions is a brilliant and widely used framework, for describing string patterns. It is used as the main concept of the language Perl, and there are libraries offering regular expression matching for all major languages. Unfortunately most implementations are grosely inefficient, so the user has to tip-toe around the inefficiencies. This library offers an array of matching (or rather parsing) algorithms for regular expressions. It was build for benchmarking the different approaches described in the Bit-coded Regular Expression Parsing paper, but the library can also be used as an efficient replacement of other regular regular expression matching libraries. rcpmatch is a sample program using the library to give command-line access to the regular expression matching algorithms.

The librcp library is available from the deb repository as well as the rcpmatch sample program. The source code is available for download below.

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