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I have created a deb repository, to ease the installation of my software projects on debian based systems (such as Ubuntu). The APT line for the repository is:

deb binary/

This simplifies the installation procedure to the following steps:

1) Add the repository to your package sources.
2) Select the programs to install

The repository can be added using the synaptic package manager. The procedure to do this is:
Select Settings->Repositories from the menu.
Make sure the Universe repository is enabled.
Select the Other Software tab.
Click the Add ... button.
Input the APT line: deb binary/
Click the Add Source button. Close the Reposiitories configuration window by clicking the Close button.
When the software list has been reindexed, the software can be installed simply by searching (eg. for apims), ticking the checkbox next to the desired software, and clicking the Apply button.

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